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Kira, you bastard.”

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Kingdom Hearts ♛ Enemies
Nobodies ━ [1/??]
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57. Il Lupo/The Prowler (Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer)

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look, I have an exam tomorrow, on wednesday and on thursday, what am I doing?

designing Anubis, right. Perfect timing.

smiling Anubis because everyone deserves a smiling Anubis ok

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What you did back thenyour mistakeschanged the destinies of three of my friends!

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When I’m in public and I hear people talking about world of warcraft.




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Favorite Axel Quotes

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I think I might be a little obsessed.__. 

and whoa I think I am actually satisfied with the designs? Zia probaly looks a little too old but oh well, that’s a fixed version..

character designs is probably one of my favourite things to draw. Also Zia’s hair. Someone is in love with Zia’s hair.

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This got wierd..I don’t know what the blue stuff is, so don’t ask..It just had to look cool.
And why have I never drawn this guy before?! I have been obsessed with Egyptian mythology since I was 10! This is the God of toilet paper, Anubis from the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. 
I made him a bit more Egyptian like…

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Kingdom Hearts ♛ Enemies
Heartless ━ [1/??]